Term of Reference

International Simulation for

Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Coordination 

In INSARAG Earthquake Regional Exercise

25-28 July 2016



Presented by

Disaster Management Division, Center for Health Policy and Management
In Collaboration with WHO representative Indonesia and Health Crisis Center, Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia



Disaster management is need multidiscipline approach. Various disciplines and sectors need to be involved. Health sector is the most important aspect in victim’s aid and health care services during disaster. However, it was realized that the coordination is important to safe victim from search, rescue, and aid both from disaster location, health post, and health facilities.

Following the EAS Australia-Indonesia Rapid Disaster Response Workshop in 2013, the Indonesian National Disaster Management Authority and EMA, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), hosted a two-day follow-up workshop in Bali, Indonesia on 11-12 June 2014. The workshop provided the opportunity to share country-specific feedback on the Foreign Medical Team (FMT) document among EAS countries, provided preliminary feedback to WHO on options to progress implementation of the FMT concept and enabled solutions to be identified to issues around FMT deployment from the Typhoon Haiyan response. This event also to determine guidelines for FMT deployments and streamlining protocols for assistance in major disasters. Outcomes of the workshop will continue to improve existing disaster response arrangements in the EAS region, assisting countries to better self-manage disasters in their own territories; assist with responding to disasters elsewhere in the region; and better receive, coordinate and integrate international assistance when national capabilities are overwhelmed.

Moreover, there is a Reception and Departure Center (DC) mechanism for international assistance which is an OCHA’s frontline coordination function. RDC will set up at the point of arrival of the affected country (sea port/country road border/arrival airport) by the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team or first arriving USAR teams. In recent response to the Philippines Typhoon (2013) and the Nepal Earthquake (2015), RDC had difficulties in logistics limitation (e.g. internet connection) and in responding to the requests from member states (e.g. negotiation of landing permission). In relation with national mechanism of Indonesia, similar post like RDC are regulated in by National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) in their regulation no.22 year 2010.
Haiti Earthquake reported that there were many Search and Rescue teams and Emergency Medical Team (EMT) involved but from 2000 victims, only 100 victims that could be safe. In another situation, Disaster Victims Identifications teams has difficult to identify death victim because victim’s identity has gone by previous savior team.

Chaos and problems surely happened when disaster, but it can diminished if each sectors has ability to good coordination, sharing their role appropriately, and working in one command. Based on this, in 2015 Local Authority for Disaster Management (BPBD) Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) has been initiated to publish Government Regulation (Pergub) regarding the coordination in search, aid, and rescue disaster victims that regulating the role of BASARNAS (National of Search and Rescue Agency), DVI DIY, Center for Health Assistant (PUSBANKES) DIY, Red Cross Indonesia (PMI) DIY. Furthermore, DIY Health District Office had compiled SOP for disaster health management such as activated health cluster and organized domestic and international EMT based on experiences of Jogja Earthquake 2006 and Mount Merapi Eruption 2010. These regulations are need testing to know operational or not.

Related with The INSARAG Earthquake regional Exercise on July 2016 will be our opportunity to test and simulate the collaboration between national and international EMT using both UNOCHA’s RDC integrated with local BNPB/BPBD mechanism. The objectives is involving the local partners and   introducing the international and national RDC and EMT framework as well as to facilitate INSARAG Earthquake Regional Exercise 25-28 July 2016.


The outputs are:
1.    Simulation
2.    Evaluation form


The team who initiate and guide overall activities from CHPM FoM UGM, DIY Health District Office, BPBD DIY:


  1. dr. Hendro Wartatmo, Sp.BD(K)BD
  2. dr. Handoyo Pramusinto, Sp.BS
  3. dr. Bella Donna, M.Kes
  4. Syahirul Alim, SKp, Ns, M.Sc, PhD
  5. Madelina Ariani, SKM, MPH

  DIY Health District Office

  1. dr. Anung
  2. Kudiyana, SKM, MSc

  PUSBANKES (Center for Health Assitant)

  1. Sutono, SKp, MSc


  1. Danang Samsu, ST
  2. Enaryaka, SKp  


1. Player as Local Government

  • Health District Office DIY
  • Health Crisis Center, Ministry of Health
  • Health Crisis Center, Central Java Regional
  • Health District Office Sleman
  • Health District Office Kota Jogja
  • Health District Office Bantul
  • Sleman Public Hospital
  • Bantul Public Hospital
  • Kota Jogja Public Hospital
  • Dr. Sardjito Hospital

2. Player as EMT Team

a. EMT in DIY

  • Disaster working group of Faculty of Medicine UGM (Sardjito Hospital, Academic UGM Hospital, and Faculty of Medicine UGM)
  • Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC)/ Muhammadiyah Hospital
  • Yakkum Emergency Unit (YEU)
  • PMI
  • Pusbankes

b. EMT in Central Java

  • Health Crisis Center Regional
  • Health District Office of Central Java province
  • Hospital

c. EMT in East Java

  • Health Crisis Center Regional
  • Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University
  • Hospital d. EMT in Bali
  • Health Crisis Center Regional
  • Hospital

e. International EMT

  • Singapura
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Filiphina
  • Brunei
  • Myanmar
  • Laos
  • Vietnam
  • Kambodja
  • Timor Leste
  • Australia
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • America
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • Rusia

Place, Time and Activity Plan
Blue sign for all cluster program
Yellow sign for Health Cluster Activities

Saturday, 23 July – Arrival of EXCONs



Responsible / Venue

All Day

Arrival of EXCONs (Jogjakarta airport)



Sunday, 24 July – Arrival of Participants



Responsible / Venue

All Day

Arrival of Participants (Jogjakarta airport)


All Day

EXCONs and Host Country only - Preparation for Exercise


Monday, 25 July – Opening and Preparatory Workshop



Responsible / Venue


Official Opening of the INSARAG Asia-Pacific Regional Earthquake Response Exercise


- Governor of Jogjakarta (tbc)

- Mr. Zhao Ming, China, INSARAG Asia-Pacific Regional Chair (tbc)

- Mr. Oliver Lacey-Hall, Head, OCHA Indonesia/ASEAN Liaison office (tbc)

- Air Marshal FHB Soelistyo, S.Sos, Head of National SAR Agency of the Republic of Indonesia

Group Photo

Indonesia, China, OCHA

Opening Video


Opening Report


Coffee Break



Participants Introduction and Adoption of the Agenda and Exercise Overview

  • Objectives of the Exercise
  • History of the INSARAG Ex.
  • Simulation Exercise - Tasks and Injects

Yosuke Okita (FCSS)


Role and Responsibility: International USAR team

  • INSARAG Guidelines Vol. I Policy
  • INSARAG Mandate
  • IEC
  • USAR Response Cycle (Mobilization-Operation-Demobilisation and Beyond the Rubble)
  • INSARAG Global Meeting and Abu Dhabi Declaration
  • World Humanitarian Summit and INSARAG

New Zealand (Regional Vice-Chair 2016)


Role and Responsibility: Emergency Medical team (EMT)

  • EMT operations
  • EMT classification

WHO or international medical team in the region

Presentation Material





Role and Responsibility: HCT and OCHA Country office

  • Contingency Planning
  • Disaster Profile of Indonesia

OCHA Indonesia/HCT


Role and Responsibility: UNDAC

  • UNDAC Overview
  • OSOCC Concept
  • USAR Coordination (not too in detail)
  • Role of UNDAC Partner (DHL, MapAction, etc)

UNDAC member or OCHA, DHL, MapAction


Role and Responsibility: ASEAN and AHA Centre

  • AADMER and AADMER Work Program 2016-20
  • ERAT team

AHA Centre


Coffee Break



Panel Discussion: Domestic Capacity Building in Indonesia

  Facilitator: Rajan Gengaje (OCHA-ROAP)


  • BASARNAS (Rescue Special Unit, SAR Goes to School Project)
  • Indonesian Red Cross (First Responders Training)
  • Donor country (Japan)

Each panel will have 10-minute presentation followed by Q&A session.


KOBO Toolbox

Winston Chang (FCSS)


Report Day 1




Welcome Dinner


Tuesday, 26 July – Tour to Mt. Merapi and Breakout sessions



Responsible / Venue


Tour to Mt. Merapi and observation of USAR Field Exercise and/or a local hospital (No need to bring PPE.)






INSARAG Guidelines Overview (USAR Coordination - Basics)

  • INSARAG Guidelines VOl. II-B Operations
  • INSARAG Guidelines Vol. III Field Guide
  • ASR and Sectorisation

Mario Simaz (Switzerland), Tsukasa Katsube (Japan)


Earthquake Alert and Scenario Briefing – Simex starts



Coffee Break



Breakout sessions

(1) International USAR teams

  • Detail of USAR Coordination Cell
  • Team Fact Sheet and Virtual OSOCC
  • Marking and Forms

(2) UNDAC team, AHA Centre/ERAT, Partners

  • Virtual OSOCC Management
  • Preparation for deployment
  • Plan of Action

(3) EMTs

  • EMT Coordination
  • Team Fact Sheet and Virtual OSOCC

(4) HCT and OCHA Indonesia office

  • Activation of Contingency Plan
  • Support of the LEMA

(5) LEMA and National Responders

  • Activation of National Response Plan
  • Request for International Assistance (by 1700)

(1700 Technical Break; Dinner: own arrangement)

IEC-classified team in AP


WHO or EMT in the region



EMT Coordination Report

EMT Coordination Video

Wednesday, 27 July – Simulation Exercise



Responsible / Venue


Simulation Exercise starts



Simulation Exercise

  • RDC (will be performed at the exercise venue)
  • BoO set up
  • USAR Operations and Coordination
  • OSOCC Meeting
  • Media Briefing, etc.

(Coffee and Lunch will be provided during the Simex)

(1700 Technical Break; Dinner: own arrangement)


Report Day 3

Thursday, 28 July – Simulation Exercise, Closing



Responsible / Venue


Simulation Exercise continued

(1500 Technical Break)

(Lunch and coffee provided during the Simex)



Debriefing by each group and plenary

End of Simulation Exercise



Closing Ceremony


- Air Marshal FHB Soelistyo, S.Sos, Head of National SAR Agency of the Republic of Indonesia

- Mr. Dewey Perks, USA

- INSARAG Regional Group (tbc)

(Dinner: own arrangement)

Video Simulation Exercise

Report Day 4

Friday, 29 July – Departure of participants



Responsible / Venue

All day

Departure of participants


Scenario for health cluster


Earthquake struck Special Region of Yogyakarta and Central Java on xx xx xxx at bout 07:55:03 WIB for 57 seconds. The magnitude 5.9 SR. Indonesia Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG) has reported that the moment magnitude of this earthquake is 6.2 SR. Many sub districts and districts has damaged and destroyed.

Simulation will be held on July 27-28 with notice as bellow:
1.    Day one (July 27, 2016) as 2 – 4 days after earthquake
2.    Day two (July 28, 2016) as 4 – 15 days after earthquake

Health cluster will be activated from day one under IC of DIY (BPBD). And for EMT jump to 2-4 days after event to start health care services, medical services, and public health services.




Thus the proposal for International Simulation for Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Coordination in INSARAG Eatrhquake Regional Exercise 25-28 July 2016. We expect if this cooperation will be realized, would be a mutually beneficial cooperation to create the toughness of health personnel in disaster management as well as coordination with other sectors.

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